June 5, 2015

………Group project 7/8DAYS exploring the identity of the Mediterranean space, was recently held in Split – Dalmatia – Mediterranean

It was a call for CREATIVITY. “Express yourself through the photo self-portrait and the statement.”

The concept of the project/exhibition «7/8DAYS» implies as «co-authors» the participants, expressing themselves in the creative-sensual way by making their self-portrait (or the series of them), and by the statement expressing their stand in regard of the changes that could creatively affect and change their living environment and the surroundings. The self-portrait and the statement are complementary, and were printed together on the photo prints for the exhibition.
It’s work in progresss – first bit 5-14th May 2015 >>Galerija Umjetnina,  MKC and other locations Split aria

_MG_0108_MG_0107_MG_0093This project, focusing on the IDENTITY of the people and the space, expressed imprinted in self-portraits and words, is a continuation of the projects by the author, started in 2010: Branding Yourself, Who Are You, Synergy of Sarajevo, Venetians in Venice About Venice…www.selffishstudios.com

First 18 prints from Split   …..

in this period /first bit/, over 170 of us co-created a globe of many worlds, visibly and invisibly linked..

78DANA razglednica1


_MG_0854_MG_8563 _MG_9814

MORE MORE (in Croatian means SEA ))