SELF-FISH STUDIOS & SiMOBIL together for the REMISLI (RETHINK) project!



Projekt & Skupinska Razstava, 8 dni 100 Ljudi!

“Self-fishing” started officially this year in January with a project & exhibition at the Town Hall gallery in Ljubljana. Selffishstudios website was operating, and the work-in-progress exhibition was growing each day …  In just 8 days, 100+ people came to experience it! Every day a number of new images were being developed and at the end, there was a COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION of 65 authors, a spontaneous collective presentation of the people who did their own portraits!

Authors: Iztok Osojnik, Roman Uranjek, Inti Šraj, Marko Pogačnik, Andrej Detela, Violeta Bulc, Arne Hodalič/Domenique Landini,  Maja Rijavec/Urška Štrukelj, Bostjan Pucelj, Gašper Puntar, Maja-Katja Derganc, Maja Megla, Ivana Petan, Nastja/Carmen/Timon Mulej, Jana Koistri/Murray Bales, Tisa Krivec, Val Burgar Koželićki, Katja, Polona Baloh Brown, Angus Brown, Keka/Gavrilo Starič, Danaja, Dušan Mandič, Maxime Landini, Tomaž Smrdu/Kamai Hauser, Kristal Šraj,  Zoran Jankovič …

Bojan Brecelj, author of the project


The “InCo movement” of Slovenia and
the National Council of Republic of Slovenia – International Conference 2011


Image- movi production at Self-fish studio by selfportrait method :


Lets have some fun !

Matija x Maxime /image movie made by Maxime

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  1. MR Says:

    Maxime is one of the best in profession. No doubt about it.

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