June 5, 2015

………Group project 7/8DAYS exploring the identity of the Mediterranean space, was recently held in Split – Dalmatia – Mediterranean

It was a call for CREATIVITY. “Express yourself through the photo self-portrait and the statement.”

The concept of the project/exhibition «7/8DAYS» implies as «co-authors» the participants, expressing themselves in the creative-sensual way by making their self-portrait (or the series of them), and by the statement expressing their stand in regard of the changes that could creatively affect and change their living environment and the surroundings. The self-portrait and the statement are complementary, and were printed together on the photo prints for the exhibition.
It’s work in progresss – first bit 5-14th May 2015 >>Galerija Umjetnina,  MKC and other locations Split aria

_MG_0108_MG_0107_MG_0093This project, focusing on the IDENTITY of the people and the space, expressed imprinted in self-portraits and words, is a continuation of the projects by the author, started in 2010: Branding Yourself, Who Are You, Synergy of Sarajevo, Venetians in Venice About Venice…www.selffishstudios.com

First 18 prints from Split   …..

in this period /first bit/, over 170 of us co-created a globe of many worlds, visibly and invisibly linked..

78DANA razglednica1


_MG_0854_MG_8563 _MG_9814

MORE MORE (in Croatian means SEA ))

Great event )) happened ! again, this time (2014.9) the Festival of Slovenia Film was “recorded” with big Selffish mirror/camera set ! , lively atmosphere that brought together more than just people involved in Film creations! The spirit here was mastered by already very well known Animateka crew ! ))

The Selfish-mirror &CAMERA proved it !


Dear Friends, a collective artwork, the projectSynergies of Sarajevo – expressing European identity in the eyes of the Sarajevo people 2012, 2013, 2014was also this, 3rd and last year of the collective project, very successful ! Now we are almost 1000 who did it ! Bosnians – The Sarajevo people and actually everybody who stayed also short time in Sarajevo could become a member of an open project and express her/himself with self-portrait and statement about Europe ! The tradition of common hart&mind society as Mr. Spahić the director of the festival Sarajevska Zima exposed, is that everybody who come in Sarajevo is accepted as a citizen of Sarajevo ! Creative, and open hart expressions as self-portraits AND different opinions with one common point that Bosnia is part of Europe Culture from ever are now ready to make great shows ! During 2014 TWO  exhibitions with new self-portraits&statements were exhibited, one in  Hotel Europe-***** Sarajevo :

_MG_5827and one in Hanikah gallery -new gallery in Baščaršia/Sarajevo:


During summer  2014 IN TWO  exhibition spaces in Slovenia a complete  project of all THREE YEARS was complementary exposed :

_MG_2491Kavarna SEM, Slovene Ethnographic Museum Ljubljana (SLO), 30 May – 5 September 2014

Kosovel Culture center Sežana (SLO) 17.6-15.8

Over 200 exhibited prints covered all three years !

Exhibitions in Slovenia were included in Month of Photography- Photonic Moments 2014 

Nadam se nakon toliko godina izlasku iz mraka. Neka Europa upali svjetlo.For this occasion catalogue-book – on 278 pages (20×25 cm ) was printed



The project Synergies of Sarajevo – expressing European identity in the eyes of the Sarajevo people, is this year been held in Sarajevo already the second year. It is a collective artwork, created in different locations in Sarajevo and it is a part of Sarajevo winter art festival in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Keywords : Self portraits on location, photos and statements, group project, European identity, Sarajevo-Bosnia and Hercegovina, exhibition, Sarjevo Winter festival

In February (9th) 2013, already the second exhibition of the project was exhibited in the Building of EU Delegation in Sarajevo


In 2013 the project was financially supported by 21 donors  from my family, friend and PHOTON gallery !


<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/48038790″>MayaLuke wedding party</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/bojanbrecelj”>Bojan Brecelj</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

” O Happy Day ”

on 18th August Sellfishstudios set up in its best was set up in London on a wedding party of my cousin daughter, Maya Brown
Family and friend mixed up and a record of an unique time of joy was documented in a very special way… by self portraying !

The Project is aimed to all who want to express their idea or better vision about European identity by self-portrait and statement.

The Project was performed at International Sarajevo Winter Festival 2012 from February 7th to February 14th every day. self-portrait mobile studio was on various places in town. Project will be repeated 2013 1nd 2014. Results of the three year project (2012-2013-2014) will be presented at the exhibition of photos and statements and published in the printed media (content: photos and statements). First opening was 21st of March 12 a.m. at Bosnian Cultural Center.

link to gallery of  shortlist and exhibited self-portraits with statements

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: The project is actually a Group project:

Since portraits are actually at least co-created by those who would make self-portraits and tell their story, the project is actually a group one and everybody participating would be named as an author.

The initial concept made by Ibrahim Spahić. The project, the tool itself, and the aesthetics developed by Bojan Brecelj.

MGML | Mestni muzej Ljubljana | Slovenia/ www.mglm.si

Who are you?

An open project of self portraying and exhibition brought together  more than 800 authors in 59 days ! It happend in the City Museum of Ljubljana from 19 October – 21 December 2011

People  were  invited to create their own self-portraits in front of a mirror by triggering a photo shutter release cable and express “Who are you?” through both images and words that subtitled the self-portrait. Read the rest of this entry »