The book is out !

August 11, 2012

 THE  BOOK – WHO ARE YOU ?  is from today available on :   on line bookstore Blurb /
 book has 218 pages – size 20 x 25, softcover. Majority of the book are exhibited works (photos&statements), but also there are many small size images of all participants.
 Price is 60.95 EUR + postage / I recommend normal postage, cca. 6 EUR – it comes by UPS directly to your home and normally few days before the deadline!
If you have any further questions, or you would prefer to order it from me, please contact me…

The Project is aimed to all who want to express their idea or better vision about European identity by self-portrait and statement.

The Project was performed at International Sarajevo Winter Festival 2012 from February 7th to February 14th every day. self-portrait mobile studio was on various places in town. Project will be repeated 2013 1nd 2014. Results of the three year project (2012-2013-2014) will be presented at the exhibition of photos and statements and published in the printed media (content: photos and statements). First opening was 21st of March 12 a.m. at Bosnian Cultural Center.

link to gallery of  shortlist and exhibited self-portraits with statements

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: The project is actually a Group project:

Since portraits are actually at least co-created by those who would make self-portraits and tell their story, the project is actually a group one and everybody participating would be named as an author.

The initial concept made by Ibrahim Spahić. The project, the tool itself, and the aesthetics developed by Bojan Brecelj.

MGML | Mestni muzej Ljubljana | Slovenia/

Who are you?

An open project of self portraying and exhibition brought together  more than 800 authors in 59 days ! It happend in the City Museum of Ljubljana from 19 October – 21 December 2011

People  were  invited to create their own self-portraits in front of a mirror by triggering a photo shutter release cable and express “Who are you?” through both images and words that subtitled the self-portrait. Read the rest of this entry »


for an exchange of good practices and initiatives
for a progressive, and sustainable development
of innovation ecosystems
on a local, regional and global level.
The Conference happend in National Council of Republic of Slovenia – April 2011
It brought together 7 countries in an open discussion on the changes, opportunities and challenges that innovation, as the value-enabler is bringing to our society. It illustrated how big and dynamic the space of innovation is in many different areas, i.e., leadership, tools, structures, and also in diverse levels of society, i.e. businesses, communities, governments, politics…
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First happening:  group exhibition Public Matters, curated by Branka Franceschi at the Center for Contemporary Arts Celje, February/March 2011

‘Self-branding!’ is an initiative for creating our own (human) brands on the basis of how I/you/we  do things.

The people that participated in creating their own self-portraits were asked to express and write their own brands or mark the brand(s) on the list of suggested brands that use for myself.

Read on about some true ‘Branding-yourself’ results:

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Poetry translation workshop

Golden Boat 2010

During September 2010, residents at Škocjan (8th Intertnational Poetry Translation Workshop) were: Paul Polansky, Willem van Toorn, Tahir Mujičić, Vilja-Tuulia Huotarinen, Agnieszka Będkowska-Kopczyk, Milan Jesih, John Davies, Knute Skinner, Roberto Nassi, Radharani Pernarčič, Tina Kozin, Tatjana Jamnik, Irena Šťastná, Michał Kopczyk. Self-fish studio was ‘on location’ during the event, open and free for particiants as well as for local people whowanted to experience it (like Pierpaulo Sonnoli, photographer from Tieste, Bogdan Macarol, Jasna Persolja and others). The idea of setting up the studio for the workshop participants actually came from Iztok Osojnik, the heart and head of the event, and some fascinating creativity has been revealed.

You can take a look at some of the results here!

Marinko Sudac and Branko Franceschi

OHO after OHO, a one day retrospective in collaboration between The Marinko Sudac Collection and The Institute for the Research of the Avant-garde at Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, 4th of September 2010;