DJ Adnan

June 15, 2010

Adnan Tupoljevič, popular DJ from Ljubljana. This summer Adnan is planning to roll his music in Croatia and expecting to see big posters of himself in the places along the Croatian coast. In the past, he also did studio fashion photography for a while. But now, when he had to create his own promo material, he decided to do it by himself. Well, not completely – his stylist Katja Rosa was also with him, and she could not resist the temptation to stand in front of the big mirror surrounded by flashes and make some shots of herself.

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Aleksandra Stratimirovič at Selffish Studio

A very fine visit!

Aleksandra Stratimirović – a fine artist and much more… I definitely belong to her fan club! Well, she came to Ljubljana for short to participate in ‘Svetlobna Gverila’ and these three days I was sick and had to take care of myself. The only time left to meet was at 8AM! on the day she went on, to Belgrade. She did try the studio though! Besides the tea and a flow of inspiring  information that we exchanged, of course. At 10.30AM, she was already in the air …


May 17, 2010

“Fri-day” The story related to this picture happened on Friday (7th May 2010) in Manchester…

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