Bojan Brecelj / developer of Self-fish Studios

My origins are from North Mediterranean. My background of all the information with which I interact today goes broader in time and space.

I am primarily focused in different fields of visual communication, mainly through the media of photography: I have two much-loved fields of interest – documentary photography and other, more experimental work, close to the nature and complexity of visual perceptions…

From 1988 to 2002, I was working full time as a freelance photojournalist for different magazines worldwide. Out of many agencies that I collaborated with (Gamma, Focus, Grazia Neri, Corbis …)   Sygma (1995-2001) was the one I was working with the longest and with which I had a very fruitful relations, with many feature stories produced worldwide.

In any subject or topic, I am interested in the solution side of the story. When deciding about the subject that I will be working on, I always choose something in relation to the environment, sustainable development and changes in society.
My favorite publications: Geo Korea, Dazed & Confused, Focus UK …
My favorite books: ‘Strange Friends’ (Stemmle edition, 1999), ‘Venedig – Spiegel der Erdseele’ (AT Verlag, 2009)
My favorite image track (interactive CD/image movie & sound ): ‘Go out of thy head’ (ipa Press, 2000)
My favourite exhibitions: ‘Mayland’ (Ljubljana- Nottingham –Belgrade, 2002); Self-fish portrait studio project and exhibition (Town Hall Ljubljana, 2010)

In 2009, I started  – in translation, ‘PROJECTS –YES: Bringing good ideas to life’. In 2009, we initiated three communication projects, among which an open source business model named ‘Follow UP’ for creating new source of information by connecting three players – contributors, benefactor and media – in a creative way.

Throughout the past 28 years, I had some good opportunities to collaborate in Earth healing projects with Marko Pogačnik (from 1976 to 1979, we were a part of art group “Family of Šempas” and represented Yugoslavia at 1978 Venice Biennale.

I am founder of independent photo-press-agency i/p/a PRESS (now called IPAK Images), based in Ljubljana.

Self-portrait philosophy

The self-portrait technique of photographing in front of a mirror has evolved in my head years ago. It is an experience that allows you to be alone, facing only your reflection, where you don’t have to be presentably perfect and where you have the freedom of testing ‘how far can I let go?’.

People would usually pull in the opposite direction – we unnaturally make ourselves look perfect in the circumstances of being photographed, because the photographs ‘lasts,’ while in that moment, we are more ‘real’ in our own mind.

This project gives you the chance to explore yourself, allowing you a relaxed exploration of expressions of feelings and thoughts, which can also then be recognized… Given that all the self-portrait authors are ‘amateur photographers’, it naturally builds up a rule… We of course want good pictures, but we want them to be as true as we feel. I am looking forward to the continuation of this project that has already generated a lot of good photos. Good in the sense that it is a record of unique moments, embedded in a story.
The conditions are mainly controlled by the ‘author’ playing an active part in his appearance, without thinking, hopefully surprising himself, creatively observing and reflecting. In short, good photos created by the self-portrait tool do not require professional photographic skills!

Where is the project heading? First of all, away from the stereotypes of beauty and towards the possibilities of creation of new, interesting pictures (self-portraits) in a different environment. Whether in a good or bad state, especially in your own wellbeing, is where the crucial true image comes into view.

 Robert Ograjenšek / assistant

Robert is professional photographer and healer. 



What we do:

– portraits

– event set-up: hire us for all sort of occasions

– group photos (families, friends…)

– wedding self-portrait (the tool is mobile and can be used at requested locations)

– self directed modelling portfolios

– casting preparations

-get included in a well connected commercial picture database worldwide

2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Joanne Smith Says:

    You are crazy 😉

  2. Sofia Says:

    Love the energy!! Feel the creativity!!! Wish you guys lots of luck in your project! =D

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