Our Self-Portrait Studio is a tool that takes a whole new perspective in photography. Photography is can only be done well by a good photographer.  However, it is the object (subject) in frame that makes a good picture. Our tool allows anybody to be as free as they like when it comes to being in front of the camera … or in this case, in front of a mirror. When using our tool, you become a depiction of your own portrait. It allows you to have total control on the factors affecting your final creation. Everything from controlling posture, mimics, light, shades or shadows, it all depends on you! The portrait is done entirely by you, making you the author and the subject of your picture and giving you the satisfaction of the accomplishment.

The tool is set, it is ready to use and it has proven to make incredible results … especially when you have in mind that the author of the picture is not necessarily a professional photographer.

Some of the possible uses of our tool:

– Personal & business portraits

– Group photos (family, friends, co-workers …)

– Event set-up: Hire the tool for all sorts of occasions (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions …)

– Self-directed modelling portfolios

– Casting preparations

– Let your portraits become a part of a well-connected commercial-picture database worldwide


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