update 4 : Selffish project in Sarajevo : 2014 )) was well over the expectations !

September 4, 2014

Dear Friends, a collective artwork, the projectSynergies of Sarajevo – expressing European identity in the eyes of the Sarajevo people 2012, 2013, 2014was also this, 3rd and last year of the collective project, very successful ! Now we are almost 1000 who did it ! Bosnians – The Sarajevo people and actually everybody who stayed also short time in Sarajevo could become a member of an open project and express her/himself with self-portrait and statement about Europe ! The tradition of common hart&mind society as Mr. Spahić the director of the festival Sarajevska Zima exposed, is that everybody who come in Sarajevo is accepted as a citizen of Sarajevo ! Creative, and open hart expressions as self-portraits AND different opinions with one common point that Bosnia is part of Europe Culture from ever are now ready to make great shows ! During 2014 TWO  exhibitions with new self-portraits&statements were exhibited, one in  Hotel Europe-***** Sarajevo :

_MG_5827and one in Hanikah gallery -new gallery in Baščaršia/Sarajevo:


During summer  2014 IN TWO  exhibition spaces in Slovenia a complete  project of all THREE YEARS was complementary exposed :

_MG_2491Kavarna SEM, Slovene Ethnographic Museum Ljubljana (SLO), 30 May – 5 September 2014

Kosovel Culture center Sežana (SLO) 17.6-15.8

Over 200 exhibited prints covered all three years !

Exhibitions in Slovenia were included in Month of Photography- Photonic Moments 2014 

Nadam se nakon toliko godina izlasku iz mraka. Neka Europa upali svjetlo.For this occasion catalogue-book – on 278 pages (20×25 cm ) was printed



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