Kdo si ? Who are you ? update

January 9, 2012

MGML | Mestni muzej Ljubljana | Slovenia/ www.mglm.si

Who are you?

An open project of self portraying and exhibition brought together  more than 800 authors in 59 days ! It happend in the City Museum of Ljubljana from 19 October – 21 December 2011

People  were  invited to create their own self-portraits in front of a mirror by triggering a photo shutter release cable and express “Who are you?” through both images and words that subtitled the self-portrait.

The challenge was to be alone , in front of yourself, without photographer, in complete control, limited to your own creativity to act open and free from stereotype expressions,to feel and surprise yourself …By writing the statement, the participants were asked to express their own brand – that is, to express their own values, principles, intentions, longings, visions her/he is living.

Part of the project was done outside with portable self-portrait studio, on different locations in Ljubljana. Here comes another aspect: the portrayed sees himself as well as his background (space), which is a view that is normally seen only after! In such self-portraying comes out also the relation between the person and her/his space !

 Bojan Brecelj, author of the SELFFISH studio and the Badging theme, says about his project: “In ‘My world’ – how I live, how I think, what interests me – there’s a hidden power! By offering Selffish I provide an opportunity to express awareness that every deed, word and thought is a contribution to the community you are part of. Express it through your self-portrait, and put down some words, a phrase which speaks about ‘your power’, the power of your values, tenets, intentions, yearnings and visions you live by.”

 The specific of this project is that everybody who created her/his portrait and added statement is one of the authors of this collective work which nobody could imagine before ! The portraits are property of self-portrayed persons who participated in the project, and for that reason everybody had to sign to give rights in order to be exposed in exhibition, printed in book, published on web.. all related exclusively with the project “Who are you“ . 

A selection of self-portraits thus created together with captions where shown during the period of the “Who are you?” exhibition. (untill 31 of December ) The City museum of Ljubljana will keep them for the future. Some day, this images will speak about the world of today, as much as the images of those who visited a photographic studio a century ago today bear witness of them and their time in the same city.

The exhibition had also special section of “ancestors “, curated by Blaž Vurnik. Around 100 selected photos from museum collection of portraits done in studios at the beginning of the century were exhibited in black glass closet…

Project “Who are you?” was also open to various initiatives combining and associating with each other (like “My streets”  – project recording the stories of elderly citisens of Ljubljana).

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