Andrea Tagliapietra – Venetians in Venice about Venice

July 30, 2010

Andrea Tagliapietra

Andrea Tagliapietra is the first Venetian participating in the project ‘Venetians in Venice about Venice’. Andrea is the 3rd generation wooden boat builder, as well as boat designer. Family business ‘Cantinerie Tagliapietra’ in Guidecca-Venice is now part of very vivid consortium of boat builders, as well as other businesses, offices, modern flats etc. in the area behind Redentore church. In the past years, Andrea also moved his business to Florida for some years. His profound relation to water and especially Venice lagoon is his motivation for his creative approach, especially in boat building design, for tradition of ‘living with water’ typical for Venice.

Read on to find out more about the project:

Working title:  Venetians in Venice about Venice, Expressing the identity, (‘Facing Venice’)

Proposed by: Bojan B, slovenian artist and photographer

Keywords: art (research) project, self-portraits, Venetians,  photography, photography exhibition, group exhibition

As a photographer who has worked on the theme of Venice many times throughout the years (five published books and one extensive article) and as an artist who in 1978 represented Yugoslavia in Bienalle of Art in Venice, I am proposing to begin another work, a portrait photography exhibition that would be accomplished with Venetians in Venice about Venice.

Short description of the project: My aim for this project is to do a work of art (media: photography and sound), which would express identity of Venice through the people who live and work here.

The core of the project would be photography – self-portraits done on different locations in the city and short interviews with the portrayed people.

Portraits and interviews would be done with citizens of Venice willing to participate in the project by expressing themselves visually and verbally within the context of their relationship with Venice.

The results of this project would be presented in photography exhibition (and sound installation) as well as in printed publication with images and text from the interviews.

Presumably one third of the project would be accomplished with my own documentary photos from the live situation of the people living here.

Why images and not just words? Images are more complex information. In experiencing the quality and wholeness of the personality and identity, images/portraits (and especially self-portraits!) are very good. In addition, words expressing thoughts and ideas give different but complementary aspect to the images.


The initial concept, the tool itself and the aesthetics is developed and done by Bojan B. However, the exhibition is actually a group exhibition! Since portraits are (at least) co-created by those making self-portraits and telling their story, the exhibition is actually a group one, and everybody participating would be named as an author!

Facing Venice is  a project in itself, as well as the initial step in a larger project called ‘Mediterranean ring’, researching the identity of Mediterranean as our larger common living space.

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