This is how it all started!

July 10, 2010

Violeta Bulc also joined group exhibition in Town Hall in Ljubljana

Violeta Bulc contacted me one day with the wish to get family photos of Pina Maja, Žiga and herself. I thought: Oh my god, how can I do portraits that are truly honest and relaxed? Then an idea popped up that I first had twenty years ago: ‘do it yourself, do it in front of a mirror!’. A few days later, my first prototype with studio flashes and camera on the other side of a big mirror was operational and yielded surprisingly open-hearted photos. ‘Self-fish Studio’ started officially in January 2010 with a project & exhibition …

… at the Town Hall gallery in Ljubljana. Selffishstudios website was operating, and the work-in-progress exhibition was growing each day …  In just 8 days, 100+ people came to experience it! Every day a number of new images were being developed and at the end, there was a COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION of 65 authors, a spontaneous collective presentation of the people who did their own portraits!

Authors: Iztok Osojnik, Roman Uranjek, Inti Šraj, Marko Pogačnik, Andrej Detela, Violeta Bulc, Arne Hodalič/Domenique Landini,  Maja Rijavec/Urška Štrukelj, Bostjan Pucelj, Gašper Puntar, Maja-Katja Derganc, Maja Megla, Ivana Petan, Nastja/Carmen/Timon Mulej, Jana Koistri/Murray Bales, Tisa Krivec, Val Burgar Koželićki, Katja, Polona Baloh Brown, Angus Brown, Keka/Gavrilo Starič, Danaja, Dušan Mandič, Maxime Landini, Tomaž Smrdu/Kamai Hauser, Kristal Šraj,  Zoran Jankovič …

Bojan Brecelj, author of the project

One Response to “This is how it all started!”

  1. violeta Says:

    Bojan…fantastic…. you did it again. Super page, like your project itself…what a way to reach people in their deepest corners… and allow us to see ourselves on the most honest way ….

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