Andrea Tagliapietra

Andrea Tagliapietra is the first Venetian participating in the project ‘Venetians in Venice about Venice’. Andrea is the 3rd generation wooden boat builder, as well as boat designer. Family business ‘Cantinerie Tagliapietra’ in Guidecca-Venice is now part of very vivid consortium of boat builders, as well as other businesses, offices, modern flats etc. in the area behind Redentore church. In the past years, Andrea also moved his business to Florida for some years. His profound relation to water and especially Venice lagoon is his motivation for his creative approach, especially in boat building design, for tradition of ‘living with water’ typical for Venice.

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Violeta Bulc also joined group exhibition in Town Hall in Ljubljana

Violeta Bulc contacted me one day with the wish to get family photos of Pina Maja, Žiga and herself. I thought: Oh my god, how can I do portraits that are truly honest and relaxed? Then an idea popped up that I first had twenty years ago: ‘do it yourself, do it in front of a mirror!’. A few days later, my first prototype with studio flashes and camera on the other side of a big mirror was operational and yielded surprisingly open-hearted photos. ‘Self-fish Studio’ started officially in January 2010 with a project & exhibition …

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In the open air

July 9, 2010

'My Streets' - project by

Self-fish Studio setup in its full performance is used in the project ‘My streets’, recording life stories of senior people from Ljubljana. They also had portrait sessions in front of their pensioners’ home. The stories and the self-portraits will be published in a book and in other media.