May 17, 2010

“Fri-day” The story related to this picture happened on Friday (7th May 2010) in Manchester…

That day I spend  in the neighbourhood with 3 nice Pakistani  (or Indian?) grocery stores and here and then I went “for a break ” to observe how life goes on, on that busy street corner. I also entered  shops and my attention was quickly captured by one common activity that took place in all three shops. Behind the counter was a man peeling off chicken skin and filling up all  the space of the refrigerated glass counter with “naked chickens”. My reaction in my head was : “does this young man have nothing better to do? Do we really must go on with our food habits of eating animals, dead food… is it not humiliating? Later that day, my ball-pen had come to the end of its writing span (the one that I have all the time in my pocket at all times to write blessing inspirations…). I went back to the grocery corner and entered the first store. The “Big Boss” was still peeling the chickens. I asked him if he had a ball-pen to sell? He quickly turned over to me and with his greasy bloody hand took a ball-pen from the counter and hand it to me. ” Please take it, that one you can keep.” It is blue pen, and it writes in black which I really appreciate (my habit)!

Do I need to add something to this story ? I did it to say thanks to life and all reminding me that  judging  other life’s and needs .. .does not work , but good life practice does !

photo was done in self-fish portrait studio on Friday a week later, Bojan Brecelj

3 Responses to ““Fri-day””

  1. What a lovely moral story Bojan!

  2. yes, but the human isn’t naked! And he has a head too!!! INJUSTICE!!!

  3. lucka koscak Says:

    i see that you are (almost) naked too 🙂
    thanks for this tolerance story…i lived them few times in my life and it’s allways uplifting… like all that is connected with love

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